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Brew log

Total Eclipse of the HopAmerican Pale Ale5.8% ABV40 IBU10.0 EBC
Pale AleAmerican Pale Ale5.6% ABV40 IBU11.4 EBC
Red IPARed IPA6.6% ABV71 IBU32.3 EBC
Munich HellesMunich Helles5.0% ABV20 IBU5.5 EBC
Munich HellesMunich Helles5.1% ABV19 IBU5.5 EBC
Bell’s Two Hearted AleAmerican IPA6.7% ABV59 IBU13.8 EBC
British Golden AleBritish Golden Ale4.6% ABV31 IBU8.7 EBC
German HellesGerman Helles Exportbier5.6% ABV23 IBU6.3 EBC
DIPADouble IPA9.3% ABV104 IBU12.6 EBC
Wry SmileAmerican IPA7.4% ABV69 IBU21.9 EBC
Basic AleAmerican Pale Ale5.3% ABV405 IBU51.2 EBC
German HellesGerman Helles Exportbier6.2% ABV23 IBU6.3 EBC
Carrot Cake BrownBritish Brown Ale5.3% ABV24 IBU39.8 EBC
Red IPARed IPA6.0% ABV60 IBU30.5 EBC
Pale AleAmerican Pale Ale5.6% ABV40 IBU11.6 EBC
Chocolate StoutSweet Stout5.8% ABV33 IBU77.6 EBC
Summer AleAmerican Pale Ale4.3% ABV36 IBU7.3 EBC
Hoppy Pale AleAmerican Pale Ale5.3% ABV41 IBU12.2 EBC
KölschKölsch5.8% ABV19 IBU5.5 EBC
Tropical Summer AleAmerican Pale Ale5.5% ABV34 IBU7.5 EBC
DIPADouble IPA9.7% ABV220 IBU12.6 EBC
Kölsch-ishKölsch5.0% ABV20 IBU5.5 EBC
Red IPARed IPA6.4% ABV46 IBU31.1 EBC
Pale Ale #10American Pale Ale5.4% ABV41 IBU13.8 EBC
Pale Ale #9American Pale Ale5.4% ABV39 IBU13.8 EBC
Red IPA #7Red IPA6.2% ABV50 IBU31.7 EBC
ESBStrong Bitter5.3% ABV38 IBU24.2 EBC
Pale Ale #8American Pale Ale5.3% ABV36 IBU12.2 EBC
Breakfast StoutSweet Stout5.8% ABV33 IBU83.7 EBC
Red IPA #6Red IPA5.8% ABV68 IBU30.7 EBC
Pale Ale #7American Pale Ale5.1% ABV40 IBU14.8 EBC
Summer AleBlonde Ale3.8% ABV31 IBU8.3 EBC
Short StackFruit Beer7.7% ABV-17.7 EBC
Pale Ale #6American Pale Ale5.6% ABV44 IBU10.4 EBC
Red IPA #5Red IPA6.7% ABV52 IBU31.1 EBC
Tasty APAAmerican Pale Ale6.8% ABV36 IBU12.0 EBC
Summer AleAustralian Sparkling Ale5.5% ABV22 IBU6.9 EBC
Death from the DepthsAmerican IPA7.2% ABV39 IBU17.1 EBC
Death from AboveRed IPA7.1% ABV55 IBU31.1 EBC
Scottish BreakfastOatmeal Stout7.0% ABV33 IBU73.9 EBC
El DoradoAmerican Pale Ale7.2% ABV54 IBU18.3 EBC
Junkyard SunsetAmerican Amber Ale6.8% ABV46 IBU19.9 EBC
Family Values: SEStrong Bitter5.8% ABV57 IBU25.2 EBC
HBC-369American IPA6.0% ABV63 IBU11.2 EBC
BearwilderedAmerican Brown Ale6.8% ABV70 IBU38.6 EBC
ResonatorBlonde Ale5.3% ABV35 IBU7.1 EBC
Short StackFruit Cider7.5% ABV--
Family ValuesStrong Bitter6.0% ABV40 IBU24.0 EBC
Imperial WalkerDouble IPA8.3% ABV101 IBU19.7 EBC
Rusty AleAmerican Amber Ale5.4% ABV66 IBU30.5 EBC
Strawberry BlondeAmerican IPA6.2% ABV49 IBU27.4 EBC
One HopAmerican IPA6.6% ABV63 IBU23.6 EBC
Spooky BlueAutumn Seasonal Beer6.6% ABV16 IBU33.5 EBC

Details of previous batches have been lost to time and poor record-keeping.